On this site you will find Enoch Pratt Free Library’s graphic identity guidelines, logo artwork, downloadable templates and other tools that will make possible a coordinated approach to Pratt’s communications.

First, download and review the Identity Guidelines. The Identity Guidelines show how to use the Pratt logo, slogans, colors, images and tools that make up the Library’s graphic identity. Adhering to the Identity Guidelines will ensure the Pratt communicates in an organized and cohesive way across its many departments and efforts.

Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory and an extremely important part of the Pratt’s strategy for success.

Why is it important to consistently and clearly identify ourselves? Primarily so that our customers understand the full breadth of our offerings and how they fit together. But also, so that the Pratt can receive the recognition and good-will from the array of excellent services provided to the community. This recognition repeated over time leads to a reputation for excellence.

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Rules = Freedom:
Pratt’s communications can and should project a sense of fun and excitement. The Identity Guidelines are not meant to inhibit creativity but rather to ensure that the Pratt identity is not misused.

Use the Tools:
Explore the main tabs of this site to familiarize yourself with the templates and tools that best suit your needs.

If you cannot find the information or tools that you needs or if you need advice about the Pratt graphic identity contact the Communications Office.