Flyer Templates

flyer samples

Consistency is Key:
The flyer system is designed to bring a sense of clarity and cohesion to our broad array of programs. Do not deviate from the flyer format — doing so will weaken the system and cause confusion.

Use flyers to announce and promote programs and events. They are designed to be posted for display.

The flyer template download is a 4.1 MB zip archive.
In order to use the templates you will need:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • a working knowledge of Adobe InDesign, and
  • authorization to produce a flyer.

You will also need to download the Identity Guidelines and review the Flyer Templates chapter. Following the guidelines is mandatory.

Do not deviate from the format of the flyer and don’t use the template if your subject matter is not typical, or cannot be written to fit the format.

Paper & Printing:

The flyers should be printed on bright white, high-quality, letter-sized paper. They are designed to be printed using desktop laser or inkjet printers.

Flyer Template

Instructions Included:
The flyer templates contain detailed instructions and layout guidelines.