Identity Guidelines

The Identity Guidelines show how to use the Pratt logo, slogans, colors, images and tools that make up the Library’s graphic identity. Adhering to the Identity Guidelines will ensure the Pratt communicates in an organized and cohesive way across its many departments and efforts.

Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory and an extremely important part of the Pratt’s strategy for success.

Download and review the Identity Guidelines pdf. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which you probably have. If you don’t have the Acrobat PDF reader you can download the latest one from Adobe.

How to Print the Guidelines:
After you download the PDF you can review the guidelines on your screen or you can print them out on your desktop printer. Set your printer at a high-quality setting and print the pages single sided on laser-quality, letter-sized paper.

Identity Guidelines Cover

Download the Identity

Topics Covered by the Identity Guidelines:

  • About The Pratt Logo
  • Name & Slogan Style
  • The Pratt Logo Signature
  • Logo Signature Choices
  • Clear Space
  • Protecting the Pratt Image
  • Logo Signature Color
  • The Pratt Color Palette
  • Pratt Color Palette Specifications
  • The Pratt slogans
  • Stationery
  • Letterhead
  • Board Letterhead
  • Customizable Letterhead
  • Envelopes, Labels and Cards
  • Brochure Templates
  • Flyer Templates
  • High Quality, Authentic Pratt Imagery
  • Using the Logo Signature on Imagery
  • Dividing the Logo
  • Exceptions to Clear Space and Signature