Bruce Blackburn is a graphic designer / web programmer and the founder and principal of Blackburn Design. He has over twenty years experience managing and executing projects through all stages — from project definition, through design development, to final implementation — for a variety of corporate, institutional, and small business clients.

Blackburn Design works independently, or with an assembled team of experts (yours or ours), to develop websites that communicate effectively and efficiently.

Web Standards

We’re focused on providing standards-compliant sites that utilize XHTML for semantic markup and cascading style sheets (CSS) to specify presentation. Effective use of these technologies makes for easy site maintenance, light loads on servers, and speedy downloads.


JavaScript and ActionScript for Flash are spoken fluently here, so we can handle DOM-scripting as well as complex dynamics for animation and interaction.

Information Architecture

We develop intuitive site navigation systems and rational site structures to present information that's sensibly organized and easy to locate.